Our Favorite Smoothie Recipes

SOS Original formula covers dietary gaps with whole food nutrition as a comprehensive addition to your daily health routine. 

Here are some easy and tasty smoothies to help you get started. 

We find that it is best to start with a banana as it creates a smooth texture, adds a nice flavor, and provides healthy nutrients. Berries and other types of fruit also add excellent flavor and nutrients. 

We recommend using some type of nut butter in your smoothie because some critical micronutrients are fat-soluble and require a healthy fat to aid their absorption. It’s important to avoid dairy milk as it can block the absorption of antioxidants. 

 We encourage you to be creative and also experiment with the addition of greens, legumes, berries, and cruciferous vegetables to further enhance your diet.

Smoothie Recipes

Did you just blend the most amazing and delicious and nutritious smoothie ever? 

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