The world's first comprehensive, All-natural superfood nutritional supplement. Whole foods & Never Synthetic ingredients.

The Best Micronutrient Smoothie Powder

No supplement is enough by itself - not even ours. 

A daily smoothie is good. SOS powder makes it great. 

Real whole foods. No fillers. No compromise. No nonsense.

         See how we supercharge your smoothie for the healthiest version of you. 

Founder and CEO


Meet Steven, the founder of The Science of Supplements and SOS Nutrients, whose personal health journey led to his passion for helping others achieve their best health with all-natural, comprehensive products that are unmatched in the market and backed by 27 years of science-based research and development.  

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This is your new daily Multivitamin.

"A daily smoothie can change your life."

- Steven Abbey -

Real food... Real nutrition:

* 170% daily Iodine from kelp

* 98% daily zinc from guava leaf

* 207% daily vitamin C from berries

* 43% daily magnesium from sea minerals

* 375% daily vitamin D3 from algae extract

* 110 mg vitamin k2 from natto 

* 1,700 mg omega 3 from flax and chia 

* 50 mg tocotrienols from annatto seeds

Backed By Science For Optimal Health

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We know our product is expensive.

9-in-1 Comprehensive Superfood

SOS only uses pure, whole ingredients sourced and harvested from the earth. No synthetics.

Organic Greens Powder

Organic Mushroom Powder

Organic Freeze Dried Berry Blend

Probiotic Blend

Enzyme Blend

Organic Botanical Blend

Nutrient Extract

Prebiotic Blend


Prebiotic Blend


Are You Ready To Try It?

Are You Ready To Try It?

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