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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SOS Nutrient Powder so expensive?  

Real food costs real money. Synthetic nutrients are cheap. Fillers like protein and grass powders are inexpensive. We care about your health and what you put into your body. We source premium ingredients and give them to you in effective doses. Excellence just costs more. 

Checkout this cost comparison of several of our ingredients compared to their synthetic counterparts:

Our organic freeze dried berry blend accounts for over 21% of our formula and costs 350% more than regular air dried berries. Freeze drying is the best way to retain nutrients. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Does SOS Nutrient Powder taste good?

It’s a matter of opinion. It tastes like berries, greens, and vegetables all rolled into one. SOS Nutrients powder has been specifically designed to be added to a smoothie (see our recipe section). It’s all about better health and changing lives. No sweeteners or artificial flavors to muck up a clean product. Blended into a smoothie, it can be delicious. Check out our sample pack to make sure it’s right for you. Check out our Smoothie recipes! 

Should I start with a full serving?

Because SOS is crafted from clean whole-food ingredients that are nutritionally dense and packed with anit-oxidants, it can have a powerful detoxifying effect on your body. We have found that occasionally people experience detox symptoms including gas, stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and constipation. We recommend starting with half a serving or one scoop to see how it goes. As your body becomes cleaner over time, you can ramp up to a full serving or two scoops. The detox process typically lasts 1-2 weeks. It’s worth the effort to transform your health!

How do I store my SOS Nutrient Powder?

SOS powder is best stored in a cool, dry place. A refrigerator works too. Seal the container after each use to keep it fresh. Keep it away from direct sunlight. No preservatives here. This is real food and should be used within three months after opening. Unopened, it has a shelf life of 1 year but once opened it needs to be consumed within 3 months.

Can't I just get the same benefits from a daily multivitamin?

Nope. Our bodies are complex biological systems that are built to process real, whole foods. Multivitamins are packed with synthetic nutrients that our bodies have trouble recognizing, absorbing and utilizing correctly. SOS Nutrients powder is grounded in extensive research that demonstrates the effectiveness of whole food nutrition vs synthetic vitamins. Take a look at our research page.

Is SOS Nutrient Powder organic?

Mostly. Currently 95% of our product is organic which qualifies SOS Nutrients powder to be labeled as USDA Organic once we complete certification. However, as a new company we are still in the organic certification process and cannot label or claim our product as organic. Some of our key ingredients are unavailable as organic. We’re working on it. Please stand by.

Is SOS Nutrient Powder okay for my vegan diet?

Absolutely. SOS Micronutrient powder is vegan and formulated to cover key nutrients that can be challenging to get in a plant-based diet such as B12, K2, and iodine. SOS Nutrients powder is also a great fit for keto, vegetarian, pescatarian, macrobiotic, and gluten-free diets. We don’t discriminate.

How is SOS different than other nutrient powders on the market?

Yes, we are different. We’ve worked very hard to be different. We put 2.5 years just into formula research and development. Plus countless hours over two decades of analyzing health studies to create a product that makes a real difference for you and your life.

SOS is different than almost every other product on the market in a multitude of ways. Check out some of the key differences and our nutritional highlights.

Does SOS micronutrient powder contain protein?

The short answer is no. And here’s why - protein is always something to consider when making a meal-replacement smoothie. However, not everyone wants added protein. And some people prefer to add their own. There are many plant-based proteins available that are high quality and reasonably priced. We want you to have the flexibility to add what you like to create your ultimate personalized smoothie! Please see our recipe section for meal replacement ideas.

Why are there sometimes product availability issues?

SOS Nutrients powder is formulated with 61 unique ingredients. Because we are unwilling to compromise on quality, we may be delayed by a specific ingredient. Nature does not always adhere to our interest in shipping to our customers on schedule. There may be times when we are out of stock for brief periods. No cheap substitutes.

Why does SOS Nutrient Powder sometimes look or taste different?

As a natural product, color, texture, and flavor can change slightly between batches due to natural variations in harvests. Our product is not like a Coke or a Twinkie that is identical every time but a natural product that varies slightly like an apple. This is normal and has no effect on the nutritional value.

Is there any caffeine in SOS Nutrient Powder?

There is a trace amount (under 1 mg) from green tea extract. A typical cup of coffee contains roughly 95mg and tea roughly 35mg of caffeine. 

Can I mix SOS Nutrient Powder with plain water?

Technically yes. However, SOS Nutrients powder is specifically formulated to compliment your daily smoothie to provide the best health benefit, taste and overall experience. 

See our recipe section for delicious and healthy ideas and
 easy-to-make smoothie recipe ideas. 

Is SOS Nutrient Powder OK for kids?

Absolutely. Mixed into your kid’s smoothie it is an exceptional shot of vitamins and minerals for their growing body. It is likely the most nutrition they will receive in a day. We recommend a half serving (one scoop) for children ages 6-12 years and a full serving for older kids.

How can I contact SOS with product questions?

Does SOS Nutrient Powder contain soy?

Yes. We use both natto and natto extract due to the high level of vitamin K2, nattokinase, and PQQ. Natto is made from fermented soybeans.

Can I use SOS Nutrient Powder while pregnant or breast feeding?

We recommend that you review the ingredients with your nutritionist, medical practitioner, midwife, or lactation consultant before adding a new supplement to your nutrition routine while pregnant or nursing.

What is the best time of day to consume SOS Nutrient Powder?

It’s great to launch into your day with a super-nutritious SOS smoothie. It’s also great after a workout to help recovery. Ingredients like maca and turmeric can give you natural energy so it may be best for some people to have an SOS smoothie before 6pm. For weight loss, consider having an SOS smoothie before meals or as a meal replacement. Click here to see our advanced smoothie recipes.

Can SOS cause gas or bloating?

In simple language... yes it can for some people. For people that do not have a lot of fiber in their diet we highly recommend that you start a bit slowly and only use one scoop at a time and slowly increase the amount after a week or two up to two scoops a day.

Is SOS powder made in the USA?

SOS Nutrients powder is blended and packaged in the USA. Many of our superfoods are grown in various parts of the world and harvested at their peak to bring you the best ingredients possible. We source for you the cleanest and most nutrient-rich foods that nature has to offer.