The world’s only organic, comprehensive, whole-food supplement that has ZERO synthetics so you can healthily meet your daily nutritional needs all in one bag.

More Than Just a Daily Multivitamin

SOS was designed to replace your entire shelf of supplements so you can have the peace of mind knowing you’re getting everything you need to become your best, healthiest self. Not only does SOS cover far more nutrtion than a typical multivitamin, our nutrients come from whole foods rather than industry standard synthetics. 

Real food... Real nutrition:

* 170% daily Iodine from kelp

* 100% daily zinc from guava leaf

* 164% daily vitamin C from berries

* 35% daily magnesium from sea minerals

* 375% daily vitamin D3 from algae extract

* 100 mg vitamin k2 from natto 

* 1,430 mg omega 3 from flax and chia 

* 30 mg tocotrienols from annatto seeds

Are Your Supplements Made From Petroleum?

The Real Reason Behind Why We Started SOS

Let’s get straight to it; Nearly all supplements available on the market today rely on synthetic ingredients manufactured from substances such as petroleum, coal tar, GMO high-fructose corn, etc. The brands of these supplements often boast about having whole superfood ingredients but then add synthetics to make their nutrition labels look like you're getting all your daily vitamin levels from the whole foods, when in reality it is mostly synthetics with a little greens powder mixed in. We decided it was time for a company to ACTUALLY deliver on these promises, so we created SOS as the first comprehensive supplement made with entirely whole foods, ZERO synthetics

Our scientifically backed 9-in-1 formula fills the gaps that even a healthy diet misses. To bring your results to the next level, add whole foods to whole foods by blending SOS into a super smoothie.

Backed By Science For Optimal Health

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We know our product is expensive.

9-in-1 Comprehensive Superfood

SOS only uses pure, whole ingredients sourced and harvested from the earth. No synthetics.

Organic Greens Powder

Organic Mushroom Powder

Organic Freeze Dried Berry Blend

Probiotic Blend

Enzyme Blend

Organic Botanical Blend

Nutrient Extract

Prebiotic Blend


Are You Ready To Try It?

Are You Ready To Try It?

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